YOuth Leaders

You can learn all about the youth leaders at Doylestown Presbyterian Church. All of our leaders have had background checks and go through child protection training. Many of our youth leaders have been volunteering for years within the program. Safety is always a priority. 

  • Pastor Josh

    Program: All

    Why I enjoy working with youth: Teenagers are the most interesting people on the planet. They are so full of life, energy, and passion. When the church seeks to tap into that life, energy, and passion;  creativity and change can bloom.

    School: Eastern B.S. Youth Ministry M.S. Non-profit Management Palmer Theological Seminary M. DIV

    Career: DPC’s Pastor of Youth and their Families

    Favorite treat: Buffalo Wings

    Hobby: Wood Working

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  • Phil Cacossa

    Program: Confirmation Leader

    Why I enjoy working with youth: A lot of the youth who we work with have great, honest questions about their faith, which helps me to better understand what I believe. Also, because a lot of the concepts we talk about are new to them, their interpretations and insights are often fresh and enlightening.

    School: I grew up in New Jersey. I graduated from Livingston High School and got my Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ. I also received my MBA from Rutgers (a true Jersey boy).

    Career: I am one of three partners in a small architecture firm in Piscataway NJ.

    Favorite treat: There are too many to list. My dad was a baker and I caught the bug. I love homemade cakes, pies and pastries. Anything warm from the oven.

    Hobby: Again, too many to list. Here are some of my favorites; fly fishing, music (singing, concerts, collecting, playing), baking, handyman Repairs, chess, cooking, gardening

  • AMY Edenson

    Program: element

    Why I enjoy working with youth: I love the energy and enthusiasm of our DPC youth.  In addition to sharing their faith with one another, they are also open to sharing their various talents.  The DPC youth are always looking for ways to help one another and our community at large.

    School:  Gettysburg College

    Career: Education

    Favorite Treat: Anything made with chocolate

    Hobbies: Biking, quilting, baking, gardening


    Programs: element

    Why I enjoy working with youth: I am learning that, as an adult leader, we are on a similar spiritual journey as our youth, just from a slightly different perspective. As an adult working with your children, I enjoy the unique opportunity to learn from, interact with, and connect through fellowship with the young people of our congregation. I do not take the spiritual gift of working with young people for granted and find myself humbled in their presence.

    Education: I grew up in Quakertown, moved to Perkasie and graduated from Pennridge High School. I graduated in 1993 with a B.S. degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management from East Stroudsburg University

    Career: Work in our family's furniture and interior design business, Hendrixson's Furniture.

    Favorite treat: It is a treat for me to cook for family and friends

    Hobbies: I am teaching myself to play guitar, enjoy watercolor painting, and I sing in a small 6-voice a cappella choir.


    Program: Confirmation Leader

    Why I enjoy working with youth: We are called to share our faith with others. I feel my strengths lead me to youth as I enjoy their inquisitive nature. I value the opportunity to be able to share my faith and experiences while shaping their spiritual development in a positive manner. Besides, youth are fun!

    School: Penn State University Career: Stay at home

    Favorite treat: Asher's chocolate covered pretzels

    Hobby: Swimming, biking, and running (in that order)

  • bill grun

    Program: element, Confirmation

    Why I enjoy working with youth:


    Career: Industrial Arts teacher with Abington School District

    Favorite treat:



    Programs: element leader, Confirmation Class teacher, substitute Church School teacher, Youth Choir adult leader

    Why I enjoy working with youth: I enjoy seeing them grow and mature in their faith. Many of them I have seen from the first day they start 7th grade and watch them blossom into young adults in their faith. It is great to be part of their life.

    School: Central Bucks School District - I went to Linden, Lenape and graduated from CB East in 1983. I graduated from Kutztown University Career: I work in the Bucks County Recorder of Deeds . I have been there for over 27 years.

    Favorite treat: Pizza goldfish

    Hobby: I am in search of a hobby at this moment, but I do read and travel a bit. My favorite places to travel are to Boston and Florida/ Disney World.

  • Melissa hauser

    Program: Confirmation Class leader

    Why I enjoy working with youth: The youth at DPC are energetic and surprise me all the time with their insights and views on their beliefs.

    School: CB East and Penn State

    Career: Law Firm Office Administration

    Favorite treat: Breyer's mint chocolate chip ice cream with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

    Hobbies: Skiing, walking my dog, traveling to new places, hanging out with my daughter Sydney (as long as she lets me) and hiking.

  • terry herring

    Programs: 11 and 12 Sunday School and Confirmation Class

    Why I enjoy working with youth: It keeps me grounded in the real world and focused on what is important

    School: The Citadel

    Career: Marketing

    Favorite reat: Fried chicken

    Hobby: Coaching

  • hazelanne karabudak

    Programs: element (aka Queen of element) and 7 and 8 Sunday School

    Why I enjoy working with youth: They inspire me.

    School: Millersville University

    Career: Was an elementary school teacher, but now a full time wife, mom, and volunteer.

    Favorite reat: Cupcakes (good cupcakes)

    Hobbies: Shopping and exercise

  • larry king

    Program: Confirmation Class leader

    Why I enjoy working with youth: Because the youth always manage to surprise me with something that exceeds my expectations.

    School: University of Missouri

    Career: Recovering journalist (32 years of news addiction); currently an investigator for the Bucks County District Attorney's Office

    Favorite treat: Ice cream!

    Hobby: Meandering around in my fishing kayak

  • alyssa lewis

    Program: element

    Why I enjoy working with youth: I enjoy watching and supporting the spiritual growth of our youth. It also keeps me feeling young.

    School: CB West and Bucks County Community College

    Career: Claims Adjuster by day, always a Mommy

    Favorite treat: Reese Peanut butter cups

  • laura mendelson (AKA Mrs. vandersall)

    Programs: element and summer youth trips
    Why do I enjoy working with youth:: Somehow I seem to learn as much as our kids do from church programs and activities.
    School: Vernon Street Elementary, Hawley Junior High School, Northampton High School, Bryn Mawr College, and the University of Chicago.
    Career:Copyeditor (don't let me get started on the difference between its and it's, and there is no its')
    Favorite treat: Friendly's buttercrunch ice cream

    Hobby: Reading

  • james paccioretti

    Programs: element, Youth Choir, Youth Committee, Middle School Church School teacher

    Why I enjoy working with youth: Would like to see the youth grow and become more involved in the Church's ministries

    School: Cooper Union, Pratt, and Columbia - all in New York

    Career: Visual merchandising and display designing

    Favorite treat: Apple pie with ice cream

    Hobbies: Gardening, cooking , opera

  • Arthur shull

    Program: element and Youth Committee

    Why I enjoy working with me? Because I am a classy humorous guy! Who wouldn't like working with me??!?! Why I enjoy working with youth: I love the fun and energy of our youth. Getting to mingle with them and have goofy conversations is what reminds me to have fun with life, and getting to share in spiritual conversations with them is something that pushes me in my own faith journey. It is humbling to be a part of their faith journeys as well.

    School: CB East and Cornell University

    Career: Robotic Farmer

    Favorite treat: Ice cream

    Hobby: Ultimate Frisbee and guitar

  • Lindsay shull

    Program: element and Youth Committee

    Why I enjoy working with youth: There is little that can be more energizing than working with young people!! From the fun of dancing and singing to the thoughtful times of reflection and discussion, my experience in working with young people provides both a constant reminder of the most simple joys in life and inspiration to never stop seeking in faith! I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of a ministry here at DPC that meant so much to me in my own middle and high school years!

    School: CB East and University of Pittsburgh

    Career: Nurse

    Favorite treat: Fruit (any and all kinds!)

    Hobby: Running / sports, crafting

  • andy smith

    Program: element and Youth Committee

    Why I enjoy working with youth: Teenagers are at a critical point in their life where they need some great role models to guide them through everything that's being thrown their way. I was fortunate enough to have those role models here at DPC as I went through the program, and it's a blessing to now work alongside some of them. I've always connected well with teens because I love to have fun and often understand what they're dealing with.

    School: Doyle, Lenape, CB West, Green Mountain College

    Career: Founder of Xperience Adventures

    Favorite treat: Dot's Donuts in Ocean City, New Jersey

    Hobby: Singing and anything outdoors, although not usually together. I'm no Julie Andrews.

  • Justine smith

    Program: element

    Why I enjoy working with youth: I gain so many new perspectives from youth. It is great to see their energy and hear their thoughts. I also think that my youth group was a huge part of my upbringing and want to help give back to others what I had growing up in DPC.

    School: Penn State University

    Career: Middle School math teacher

    Favorite treat: ICE CREAM!!

    Hobby: Running